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R9 Wheel Base
Fanatec who?

This things a beast and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thanks Moza for getting me back into racing

ES Formula Wheel Mod
Nolan Oakley
Overall Great

I really enjoy the mod, it looks sleek and there was no wobble after install. Only con is that the metal is quite thin, but that’s not a very big deal, overall a great purchase.

Just great

As a Sim Racing Beginner, moving from a t150 to this amazing setup was and is great. I Don't feel the need for any other, more expensive, setup to enjoy sim racing on my level. Also, the customer Support was Quick and kind so, definitiv a Company to buy more stuff from in te future

R9 Wheel Base
Jorge Chan
Simply Amazing!

I recently upgraded from a Thrustmaster TS-PC and wow what an upgrade. It adds a whole different level of immersion to sim racing. It’s not only the hardware that is top notch but the software really brings it all together. And to add to that you can make adjustments on the fly with a super intuitive app. It’s only been less than a month but I couldn’t be happier and more excited for what is to come.

R9 Wheel Base
ryan daugherty

Blown away from the fun I’ve been having, paired with VR on asseto corsa or iracing this thing is PERFECT.


The wheel is awesome. I thought it would be too big, but the size is actually pretty versatile. I love it
I whish we could change the wheel style and not have to buy a different wheel for the formula style.
It would also be nice to be able to customize all button colours in and out of the games.

MOZA HGP Shifter
Kevin Bosman

Shifts nice and quick. Definitely loud but I like the sound! Easy to install and setup in Assetto corsa.

R9 Wheel Base
Audrey Emmons

R9 Wheel Base

MOZA R5 Bundle
Sasha Ben Ali

MOZA R5 Bundle

R9 Wheel Base
Karel Svorc
Absolutely amazing

Wheel base is amazing I absolutely love it the only problem is that the steering wheel, one of the stitches got loosen.. not a big deal and I am pretty sure it’s happening often

Used for fanatec csl dd

Perfect all around mount. Thanks moza!

Great place to buy quality products!

MOZA Racing has improved significantly regarding its fulfillment of orders. The delivery times have decreased a lot from my first order to the last. What they've kept untouched is the great quality of their products!

R9 Wheel Base
Michael Stephenson
Excellent quality and customer support

R9 is amazing coming from a belt driven wheel. Clean feedback and highly customizable experience. Moza customer support is responsive and eager to help with any issues you have. 10/10

Moza R5 bundle

Easy process. Came 2 weeks after I ordered it. Was very simple to install. All worked correctly when I fired it up. This is my first sim wheel. But I think it is great. Ffb is great. Haven't had any problems at all. I e had it for a month now.Very happy with my purchase. Plus it's one of the best deals for a direct drive system.

MOZA R5 Bundle
Shon Kris Roberts
Amazing feeling

This was a first for me and it’s been a blast since I clicked order. The parts app arrived on time, actually one day early from the expected date.

12 inch es wheel mod

Bought the 12 inch mod about a month ago. Been using it for iracing and it has worked out great. Gave me the feel I was looking for.


Easy set up right out of the box took 15 min to be up and driving. pithouse software is great and the hook up with the phone is very helpful. I had a g29 and this is a great step up .shipping was fast....5.5 nm is more then enough for me as a hobbyist who loves the immersion.

Naser Alzaabi
Moza R9

It’s an amazing wheel base I am in love with it .

R5 bundle is a perfect starter

The force feedback is amazing for the price. No trouble setting up and changing settings, everything works perfect. Don’t have a cockpit yet but it’s still very useable just mounted on a desk and pedals against wall. 5/5 for me doesnt get much better for the price. FASTENERS DO NOT STRIP IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE TOOLS CORRECTLY.

R9 Wheel Base
Demetrius B
Mind Blowing!!

I did my research and based on discussions on youtube and reddit, I ultimately chose the R9 and I have not been disappointed. It's easily exceeded my expectations in the few months that I've had it and I can't recommended it enough.

OK but could be better

Having spent countless hours trying to decide which eco system to go for, I finally decided to go with Moza. My budget would not allow me to stretch to a RS V2, I opted for a ES instead, safe in the knowledge that I can upgrade in the future. I have been using a Logitech G923 up to this point and you cannot fault Logitech for their quality control. I wish this could be said of Moza. Overall, the quality is not bad, it just needs to be better. Many Youtube reviews of the older Moza products complained of little things which seemed to improve over time. It now seems that the products are slipping back a little, like loose threads and the center marker at the top of the wheel not being centered. These are tiny defects that can be lived with, especially with a wheel at this price point but, they are little issues that could be resolved easily.

With that being said, the wheel itself is an absolute pleasure to use, the quick release is second to none, the shifter paddles are flawless, as are all the buttons and aesthetically, it looks great (with the previous flaws aside). Paired up with the Moza R9 base and the CRP Pedals, it makes for a great sim racing experience. I was dissapointed that the wheel did not come with some sort of cloth bag though, the R9 base has a bag, the individual pedals each had a bag, why not the wheel?

The Pit House software is easy to understand and use once you get it to display a language you can understand. In my instance, everything was in Chinese (which I cannot read) instead of the chosen language of English. Whatever I did, did not convince the software that I could not read Chinese until I closed down the app and relaunched it, and hey presto, I could either understand Chinese perfectly or, it was displaying in English (I am pretty sure in was the latter).

One final thought about my experience during this purchase. Delivery was really quite slow, but we are all having to get used to that at the moment but, when purchasing from a European company for delivery within the EU, I was very surprised that most of the shipment came straight from China leaving me with a further €60 in import duties I was not expecting. This only applied to the R9 Wheel Base, the ES Wheel and the Desk Mount as the CRP Pedals got shipped seperatly from Germany? I am aware that during the purchase process, the website does state that import duties are not included, but to not mention where the goods are shipping from does not allow the buyer to budget for such an eventuality.

Overall, the product gets a strong 4/5 stars, the purchase process would only get a 2.5/5 stars.

It's become my default wheel compared to the stock and formula style. Feels like a perfect compromise between all styles, and the fully circular rim actually offers some extra safety over the others when it comes to letting go of the wheel.

Build quality is great considering the price point; the seams are fine for the most part, but there is absolutely a quality difference between it and the more premium Moza wheels. Still definitely worth the price, especially if you play a diverse range of games.

MOZA HGP Shifter
Kurt Kreis
Great Value

Good quality and good price. Customer service is not great but helpful.

MOZA HBP Handbrake
Dennis Paulinger

MOZA HBP Handbrake

MOZA HGP Shifter
Michael Obranovich
HGP shifter is the best

I’ve loved my shifter since I got it installed great sound super reliable and no problems out the box