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MOZA R5 Bundle
Luke Gautreau
Gangster product

Very rad

MOZA R5 Bundle
Chuck Parker
Great choice

Great choice without spending a fortune. Would buy again for sure

R9 Wheel Base
The R9 has changed the game, doggo approved!

The R9 is the real game changer in value per NM. Fanatec started something, and Moza finished it with this wheelbase.

A proper disconnect that is renowned the world over. Full-strength 9nm at one price level without needing extra kits. And the support of an ever-expanding ecosystem that also supports any wheel you can pair with a D1 spec/NRG style quick-disconnect.

In the game it will make more strength than seems reasonable from 9nm.
I recently ran a 2.5 hour stint at Daytona roadcourse in a GT4 and the wheel maintained impeccable force feedback the entire time with zero power drops.

There are several places that discuss settings, I recommend the Moza discord for the actual low down amongst real users.

MOZA R5 Bundle
George Bochtis
Moza r5 bundle is a MASSIVE UPGRADE

I owned previously a logitech g29, and the moza R5 bundle was the best budget upgrade. Best value for money combo. Already considering upgrading to R9 wheel base because of the low price and how solid is made.

Brake performance kit

A must have for the srp lites

R9 Wheel Base
Jesse, with Bad Habit IND.
is this real? it cant be? reality has actuily traveled along side my froogle screwg mc duck self!

its perfect !!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!! look no further the one and only, this moshiah over of all other affordable sim DD wheels! fit finish nothing else is even close. untill you at least double your perches price and have several thousand dollar bills at your disposal

CS Steering Wheel
Yevgeniy Gudimov

CS Steering Wheel

MOZA R5 Bundle
Richard Morrow
Happy with item

Good service, recommeded product and company

CM HD Digital Dash
David A Hoskins
Plenty of info on Moza Dashboard

It gives all relevant info on it's very bright screen!

R9 Wheel Base
Pedro Rodriguez
I love my setup

I got my r9 and wow such a big difference from my trust master

MOZA R5 Bundle
Skyler Hines
Moza R5

Went from the G920 to the R5 bundle and couldn’t be happier. It’s much stronger with tons more detail than the Logitech.

MOZA R5 Bundle
Johnnie Jones
Moza R5 Bundle

I've had the R5 Bundle with the brake mod for about 30 days. Installing hardware was very easy. Software installation was very smooth with no problems. Adjustments for you personal driving preferences in the software are straightforward and easy to adjust.
Bundle is awesome nice feel to wheel, pedals with brake mod feel great, with a lot of adjustments available in software. Overall I thank the R5 Bundle is a awesome product at a fantastic price, made from quality materials.
Its improved my driving experience greatly. I highly recommend this product!

R5 Wheel Base
Zach Schritenthal
Love it!

Love the new wheel base! Huge upgrade from my T150. Not sure if I should’ve gone with the R9 or not but really enjoy the simplicity of adjusting the settings and the feedback I get.

R9 Wheel Base
Nicholas Hudtwalcker
Love it!

Screw Fanatec, you guys rock!

SRP lite Pedal Mod Kit

Notices a huge difference with the kits. Whilst not load cell, it gives you the feel of load cell with the resistance making it a lot easier to hit your braking points. It's very strong so recommend bolting the pedals to a rig. Highly recommended the kit to make the R5 experience a little better. Would have been great if included in the bundle.

R9 Wheel Base
Kurtis Streutker
Great value

The wheel is a great value and perfect upgrade for anyone upgrading from a logitech. I feel like 5nm wouldn't be enough but 9nm is pretty good. Would recommend this wheel to most

Near theft

Moza took my money, marked my order as shipped, and sat on my product for over a month without actually taking it to the shipper. When I inquired to the status of my order at the 3 week mark, my inquiry went unanswered. Two weeks later I requested a refund, to which they initially responded they couldn’t refund me because the order was shipped already. I kindly pointed out that they did not ship the order, UPS confirmed that, and they had simply marked my order as shipped while never actually shipping the product. After 5 weeks they issued a refund. If I would have never reached out I feel they would have never shipped or refunded my purchase.

MOZA R5 Bundle

I have owned quite a few wheels in my day (momo, fanatec, thrustmaster) and I have to say this is the smoothest and best responding wheel i have ever owned. The software is the icing on the cake. Get one. You wont regret it.

R9 Wheel Base
Onex levan Barbakadze
Great product

Great product and very quick response from support center. Thank you Moza

MOZA HBP Handbrake
grimaldi emmanuel

Le frein à main est très beau avec des formes et purée fonctionne très bien

5 stars

Love it!

MOZA HBP Handbrake

Great product for a great price. Well built, sturdy design. Love that I can adjust end stop and tension compared to my old one.

Happy with my purchase

I was bidding on ebay for used Gear, I lost that bid and I'm happy I did. On my frustration, I started doing more research and found Moza's R5 bundle. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I'm really satisfied with the performance. It's fair to say that I'm new to DD systems, so some people might disagree with my views. I'm directing this review to simracers using belt or gear driven wheels, I've upgraded from a Logitech G25, and it's a world of difference. I may want to try something more powerful in the future, but coming from a G25, those 5nm of torque in my R5 feel great. Quality construction and materials make the feeling even better, as well as the fact that they hooked me up with a bunch of stickers that I love. Moza also follows up with the client, or at least they did with me, and I highly appreciate that. I'm not a professional sim racer nor an expert on this kind of gear, I'm just a regular dude that loves doing this as a hobby.

R9 Wheel Base
Lane Bloom
Wheel is amazing!!!

The force feedback is incredible! Definitely worth the money

R9 Wheel Base
chris kobayashi
Love the torque!

This thing has some torque! Really great feedback and feel. Well built solid unit.