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MOZA HGP Shifter
Clark Bockelman
Works great

Didn't receive any shipping info but the shifter did show up in about 3 weeks. Plugged right in and works in all the Sims I use. Feel is great. It's a bit loud, but what shifter isnt?

SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal
Robert simmons
I bought two by accident ..... sigh

Good product but bought two by accident.

CS Steering Wheel
Justin Rivas

I used to own Thrustomaster and I'm so happy that I decided to move to Moza! The R12 with the CS Wheel has helped my lap times and steering accuracy. Great product!

Now Adjusts Up To 15 Degrees

The latest version of this mount has a fourth threaded hole added, can adjust up to 15 degrees.

KS Steering Wheel
Aaron Hicks

KS wheel is all that I expected it to be, rock solid and functional. Easy setup with Moza pithouse software.

MOZA R5 Bundle

MOZA R5 Bundle

Ordering Fanatec. Disappointed there is no date

Waited as long as I feel comfortable. I have been planning to buy this as a Christmas present, but I think I'm going to go ahead and order Fanatec.

MOZA R5 Bundle
Jesse Guidry
Excellent Product

Moza r5 bundle is my gateway into a hands (and feet) on experience into Sim racing. So I have never felt another wheel / base before in my life and once Moza Shipped and I started using it , I was absolutely blown away! I have received all you need to get it up and running and having the table clamp at first was such a huge Win for me to start using it right away. Also their customer service techs normally responded back within 24hrs and were always very helpful and polite. I will surely 10000% be staying with the Moza Family for everything else I need on the Sim Racing Journey!

Seriously ??!!

A release date is not that hard, Moza

Pleasant experience great Great product

I really like how compact it is and how easy it is to configure its software, I have not had any operating problem to date much less overheating, any base generates heat, it depends on which car and Sim you run will be the heat production, this is independent of the base, for example in Automobilista 2 generates a lot of heat in Karting vs GT1 or F1 no heat running with much more rotation and FFB compared to the KART


Ordered 1 bundle on Oct 25th. They sent and billed me for 2 bundles. Contacted them through Facebook because they wouldn’t answer my email. I sent 1 of the bundles back that they received on November 9th. They told me 7 days after receiving it I would get my refund. Here we are December the 5th and I still haven’t gotten my money back. Product might work well but the customer support sucks. They have until the end of this week before I press fraudulent charges against them. Hope you have better luck if you order from them

R12 Wheel Base
Santiago Castillo
Great wheel base

I absolutely love this wheel base. Great build quality. Good price. Love the community and support available. I would highly recommend to someone looking to get into sim racing.

R12 Wheel Base
chad mcafee
Big upgrade

. Love the quality of build. Base, Wheel, and dash. Significant upgrade over previous setup. Not sure why people need stronger than 12nm. I had to set mine lower

MOZA R5 Bundle
Josh Gilcrease
Love the hardware

Love everything about the hardware. However they need to seriously revamp their support. Live support would be a huge plus for the company. Also careful when filling out the address boxes. There is no where to add your apt/unit/ or lot number. Had to deal with that for two weeks

Standalone ES Steering Wheel
Andrew Kupersmith
Standalone ES Wheel

Great addition to R9 base for oval racing (where GS wheel did not quite feel right). "Squishy" shifters feel crisper and more responsive with aftermarket magnetic modification.


I’ve been waiting over a month now at this point for my R5 bundle i shouldn’t have bought through them directly amazon has it shipped within 1 day , im still waiting on my bundle after one month, btw customer service hasn’t responded to me a single time , i tried posting multiple 1 star reviews on this product due to shipping but the company has removed all of them so picture this as my 1 Star review 🫶🏼

Table Clamp
Eddy Ciarreta

Table Clamp

Much more options than fanatic but feels slightly cheaper

I had the fanatic club sport 2.5 wheel before purchasing the moza fsr formula wheel. Fanatic had better shift feel felt sturdier and was slightly easier to set up. But moza mops the floor with button options and a full screen display instead of just a small led screen. Moza is very easy to set up like a true formula wheel. Both wheels are great but just depends on what you are looking for

R9 V2 Wheel Base
Kay de Raaf
Good upgrade

Upgraded to this from my Thrustmaster t300 and I'm so happy. The software is easy to use. And setting the wheel up had no major issues for me. Only yook about an hour.

Only down side is, I didn't get the emails for when It was shipped out, so I only found out they had been delivered when it was sitting on my front door. Other then that, great purchase

SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal
George Vlahos

SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal


If this is not released before Christmas I am going with fanatec!!!

Good, but not perfect.

Solid little kit. My only issue with it is the quick release adapter doesn't have holes for me to mount the little, round PCB which supplies power to my Cammus GT1 Wheel. I can mount all three wheels I have but the button box on the GT1 is useless now. I would like to see this rectified in a future revision of the kit.

Very good wheel base for the price

I've had this wheel base for about 6 months now and it's been great. Excellent value and a very good entry level wheel base. I paired mine with the KS wheel which is amazing value as well.

MOZA R5 Bundle
George Vlahos

MOZA R5 Bundle

R12 Wheel Base
Jacob Hutnick

R12 Wheel Base