R21 Wheel Base

USD $999.00 VAT excluded

R21 Wheel Base

USD $999.00 VAT excluded

Discover the pinnacle of our sim racing wheelbases collection, the MOZA R21. With a remarkable peak torque of 21 Nm,  it sports a 30% larger torque output than other similar models, it delivers unparalleled force feedback for a truly immersive racing experience. Its all-aluminum alloy body combines strength and elegance with its unique supercar-inspired design. The R21 motor utilizes 6 unique design approaches to ensure a smooth racing experience. The rotor of the R21 is a triple staggered slanted pole design commonly found in electric motor vehicles and ensures a balanced vibration-free motor. Featuring 262,144 points of resolution, every movement is captured with exceptional precision. With hands-off protection and ultra-low static torque, you can focus on the race without distractions. Take control with the MOZA Pit House App Control, allowing you to fine-tune settings with ease. Its one-click launching system puts you on the fast lane to victory.


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*Ship within 7 business days, with estimated delivery in 7-12 business days after the order is shipped.

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Platform PC
FFB Drive System Direct Drive
Max Wheel Rotation Limitless
Housing Material Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Housing Color Black
Peak Torque 21 Nm
Peak Power 480W
Input voltage 110V~220V AC —>36V DC
Encoder Resolution 262144 ppr (18-bits)
USB Refresh Rate 1000Hz
Indicator YES
Quick Release Supported
Connection Ports Power, DC Input, E-stop, USB (Pogo pins for RM dash )
Accessories User manual, Warranty card, Power supply, USB cable, Toolkit
Mounting Method Bottom mount
Side Mount Option With an optional side mount bracket
Table Clamp Optional
Side Mounting YES
Emergency Stop Optional
Dimension (L x W x H)(mm) 327*170*130
Weight 8.9kg
App Functions Supported
Indicator YES

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Charlie Zuckerman
Review of Moza r21

Fantastic product, needs a better way to adjust the settings to make them realistic.

While the actual wheel base is a 10/10 for sure in regards to the feel/power/quality/ease of use/... (I can keep going on about how great it is, but that's not the point of a review in my opinion).

My issue is really with all Moza wheels to my knowledge, I have a friend with the R5 and he has the same problem. So here goes... Settings, and I don't mean there is a lack of settings, I mean the default settings just don't feel realistic for any of the major titles I tried (Including but not limited to my favorite 2 AC/BeamNG.drive). I spent hours fine tuning it and am pretty happy with what I came up with, but it took far too long to get something good. That being said, I understand it's a large problem because on the one hand you want to give as much detail as possible but that means any weird or slightly off movement just throws me off... To be honest I don't if the solution is a tool to calibrate the wheel (Meaning you load the map and load the car, and have the wheel automatically try and do some basic turns maybe even some drifts... there will probably need to be some aspect of human interaction weather it's in real time adjusting a slider or if you can programmatically define what is and isn't good that would be ideal but as a dev myself I can see that being a challenge) or to just have some good presets for the top few titles. I even tried some settings I saw in the discord, but didn't like them.

If you took time to read this, then I really appreciate you caring about your fan base as much as we care about you.

Best email to reach me at is [****] it will forward to my main email, just a way for me to organize them automatically ;)

Pascal Jeanprêtre

Amazing feeling with this steering wheel. I’m absolutely satisfied with this product.
I’m really confident with it.

Elliot Cook
Moza absolutely nailed it!

I have had my R21 for just a month.
I upgraded from a fanatec clubsport 2.5 and I thought that was a good wheel base which it is but the immersion and detail of the ffb of the new moza is unreal. I know I'm not comparing apples to apples but this thing is mad good. The way you feel everything has changed me like the kerbs and road feel is incredible. I especially love the way you feel the weight of the car transfer from side to side and front to back. Let me also mention how easy it was to set up....123 go racing! I am impressed with the ui of mozas pit house software suite its pretty darn good and with the updates that seem to come every week or so it will continue to improve and impress! A Big shout out to moza for there impressive product lineup and can't wait to see where this company goes and what they may offer in the future. Communication is top notch as well as I have had problems with other companies in the sim industry but not moza. Thank you again for a truly superior product and fantastic support. Go fast and enjoy the ride with moza they will all be in your mirror!

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R21 Wheel Base

USD $999.00 VAT excluded