R16 Wheel Base

R16 Direct Drive Wheel Base

R16 Wheel Base

16 Nm Peak Torque

Unique Supercar-inspired Design

All Aluminum Alloy Body

Hands-off Protection

Next Generation FFB Filtering Algorithm

262,144 Points of Resolution

Ultra Low Static Torque

MOZA Pit House App Control

One-click Launching

Multiple Connection Ports

16Nm of Direct Drive

16Nm of Direct Drive Power

With a huge 16Nm of torque, the R16 provides an impressive torque range to give the kind of accurate immersion that only direct drive wheels can provide. From GT to F1, feel every moment.

Sleek, Modern Design

Inspired by current supercar trends, the R16 sports a robust design and two-tone paint finish.


All-aluminum Body

The R16 is made of aluminum alloy, giving the base a rock-solid feel and weight.

Ultra Low Static Torque

Feel everything through an optimized motor design, offering practically zero torque ripple, notching or cogging. Combined with powerful torque delivery, hard braking, curbs, and drifts are clearer and stronger than ever before.

Ultra Low Static Torque

Feel everything through an optimized motor design, offering practically zero torque ripple, notching or cogging. Combined with powerful torque delivery, hard braking, curbs, and drifts are clearer and stronger than ever before.

Superior Temperature Control

The R16 encoder gives exceptional understanding of the wheel position, allowing for accurate, clear communication when racing.

Points of Resolution

The R16 encoder incorporates ultra high precision wheel position monitoring, allowing for accurate and clear feedback when racing.

Next Generation FFB Filtering Algorithm

The R16 DD base is powered by MOZA's latest force feedback filtering algorithm, providing enhanced dynamic feedback that renders oversteer and understeer with greater clarity and richness.

Dual-Mode Communication

The base and the steering wheel are connected via a military-grade wired conductive slip ring with a lifespan of more than 5 million revolutions. Simultaneously, the base communicates wirelessly with the wheel. This distinct patented design delivers exceptional stability and durability, allowing for seamless, infinite high-speed rotation.

Hands-off Protection

This function can effectively avoid the risk of injury and quickly help restore control by detecting that hands are off the wheel. Once activated, it will quickly stop any oscillation and safely center the wheel.

Speed-dependent Force Feedback Dampening

This function will increase the damping FFB effect as the vehicle speed increases and reduces the dampening as the vehicle speed decreases to accurately mimic a real race car, resulting in greater high-speed stability and low-speed maneuverability.

Control Software

MOZA Pit House

MOZA's actively developed Pit House Control Suite allows for maximum customization of your racing experience. See the status of each device, set maximum turn angle, force feedback, pedal travel, LED indicators, and much more.
With presets and easy to understand settings, beginners can enjoy a plug and play experience catered for many popular racing titles.
For the advanced user, customize force feedback in our new equalizer section, to ensure you get exactly the right feel for every condition.
Full customization of the shift indicator, including color, timing and flash.
Quick, easy adjustment of each pedal allows for custom throttle, brake and clutch inputs, meaning even the biggest thunderfoot can keep their cool.
With constant updates and features added, a simple one-click ecosystem upgrade keeps you in the loop with ease.
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Force Feedback Equalizer

MOZA’s FFB equalizer allows full customization and fine-tuning of the FFB effects spectrum for a perfect setup in any conditions.

One-click Launching

Save your game configuration in the MOZA Pit House launcher to quickly launch into a game from within the Pit House.

Cloud-based Mobile App Control

Enjoy on-the-fly changes using the MOZA app! Force feedback, pedal settings and more can all be changed in real-time, meaning no more reaching for the keyboard and mouse.

Multiple Connection Ports

With the ability to directly connect MOZA pedals, shifter, handbrake, and digital dash to the base, you not only conserve USB ports on your PC but also unlock the potential for simultaneous use of multiple devices.

Front Mount Compatibility

Featuring four front-facing holes designed for MOZA's front mounting bracket, this versatile design supports both front and side mounting options, optimizing legroom and catering to formula-style seating preferences.




FFB Drive System

Direct Drive

Communication Method


Max Steering Angle


Housing Material

Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy



Peak Power


Input voltage

110V~220V AC —>36V DC

USB Refresh Rate


V-shaped Struts

Encoder Resolution

262144ppr (18-bits)



App Functions


Quick Release


Connection Ports

Power, DC Input, E-stop, USB (Pogo pins for RM dash )


User manual, Warranty card, Power supply, USB cable, Toolkit

Mounting Method

Bottom mount

Side Mount Option

With optional side/front mount bracket

Desk Clamp


Emergency Stop Switch


Online Firmware Upgrade


Firmware Update


Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)