SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit

USD $29.00 VAT excluded

  • Realistic Pedal Feel – The spring and damping block combination provides higher braking resistance and gives a more progressive and realistic pedal feel.
  • Sturdy & Durable – The springs and damping blocks are sturdy and durable and designed to withstand thousands of hours of use.
  • Easy to Fix – The installation process is quick and simple. Just fix the top two screws and push the bottom pivots into the groove.

This product is not applicable to SR-P Pedal.

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What's inbox

  • Performance Kit
  • Allen Key X2
  • Fixed Axis
  • M3 Screw X2
  • Spacer X2
  • Spring X2
  • Damping Block X1

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mike H
Serious improvement for the SR-P Lite Brake Pedal!

The SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit makes a huge difference in the feel of the SR-P Lite Brake pedal. You need this if you have the SR-P Lite pedals!

Fazlee Majeed
Makes a big difference

Extremely simple installation and makes such a big difference in the performance of the brake pedal. You can even swap out the springs for die springs of your own choosing to make further adjustments to your preference. I swapped the elastomer out for a blue die spring for my wife to use and it's perfect for her.

I think this product should be part of the base offering for the R5 bundle (or SR-P Lite pedals on their own), instead of the lackluster stock brake pedal.

John Harding
Complete must have

If you bought the R5 bundle this is a must have, but Moza you really need to have a slightly higher priced version of this bundle with this included. The R5 and R9 are amazing products, way better than my old CSL DD. Thanks.

Jackie crow
I cannot answer this question

Since I have been required to be in contact with your support team to try and get my wheel to turn on, I did not get the performance kit installed before my wheel stopped working. Maybe someday my wheel will work again and I can answer your question. Jack Crow

Andy Driscoll
Brake performance addon

Great addition for the brake peel set