Performance Kit for R5 Bundle

USD $29.00 VAT excluded

Performance Kit for R5 Bundle

USD $29.00 VAT excluded

  • Realistic Pedal Feel – The spring and damping block combination provides higher braking resistance and gives a more progressive and realistic pedal feel.
  • Sturdy & Durable – The springs and damping blocks are sturdy and durable and designed to withstand thousands of hours of use.
  • Easy to Fix – The installation process is quick and simple. Just fix the top two screws and push the bottom pivots into the groove.

*Not compatible with SR-P Pedal.

*Ship within 7 business days, with estimated delivery in 7-12 business days after the order is shipped.

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What's inbox

  • Performance Kit
  • Allen Key X2
  • Fixed Axis
  • M3 Screw X2
  • Spacer X2
  • Spring X2
  • Damping Block X1

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Marshall W.
R5 Bundle

Purchased this bundle as an entry level to direct drive and I am extremely happy with my purchase! I’m still tweaking everything to my preference but I’ll be using this bundle for years to come!

+1 must have

At first it seems hard, but after an hour it becomes softer. I like it but it would be nice to be able to have another harder rubber to put on in addition by reducing the length of the spring perhaps.
In my opinion, it's essential with the crankset, which is too linear without it.
All in all, it adds a lot of value to the crankset. Very good value for money.

Francis Pham
a must have indeed

As others have stated, this should have came with the pedals/bundle but alas. After installing it (pretty simple & quick) it took me like a day of racing (ACC, F1) to get used to the stiffness. I have been a lot more consistent with my braking, it's easier for me to trail brake now.

My only "criticism" is that I would prefer it to be just a smidgen more softer. But that's more personal preference and for what this part is, it does the job well enough.

Don Chamberlain
Huge upgrade!

Such a huge difference after the install. An absolute must if you get the bundle as the brake is night and day different.

Keith Z
Must have upgrade!

Provides a much stiffer and controllable brake feel. Installation was easy without the need to take anything apart.

Performance Kit for R5 Bundle

USD $29.00 VAT excluded